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Photo by Tommy Daspit Photography
Creative Senior Community Design

Seniors deserve a highly respected position in our society. They should be able to live out their lives in comfort, with good access to activities that interest and excite them, and with the level of care that fits their unique needs. But the market is changing! Today's seniors don't just want to live, they want to LIVE WELL!

My team designs innovative Senior Communities by tailoring our services to the unique location, neighborhood, and business character desired by our clients. We research trends affecting resident satisfaction to determine what amenities to focus on. We explore the area surrounding the community to create culturally meaningful connections. By specializing in Senior Community Design, we continually deal with the regulatory agencies so we can manage the approval process effectively. Over 40 real years of experience constructing Senior Communities assures well-built facilities. In short, our designs minimize the cost of things that don't matter so you can maximize investment in things that do.


Older Senior Communities often present cost-effective opportunities; the challenge is to overcome any problems the facility had and create a new, successful image for the community. Ideally, the best way to do this would be to tear down the facility and re-build a new one, but this is rarely the least expensive way to go. My team has learned to focus less on renovation and more on Re-Positioning the community in the market.

This requires us to look clearly at the old facility - to understand it not only as a building, but also understand it's history and it's reputation. Then we can focus our efforts on things that will bring the most benefit to the new community that stands where an older one did. The results can be striking!

The community pictured above has a great story. One of the initial investors had not seen the building since it was purchased. When he came to the Grand Opening he knew he was at the right address, but surely this wasn't the run-down building they had purchased! He drove on looking for that building, but couldn't find it, so he returned to learn that it had been completely transformed into an attractive community!

Collaboration = Full Range of Services

Over the years I've developed a network of reliable, customer-focused professionals who can provide the services you need as part of a cohesive team. These services range from those architects traditionally provide - site & building engineering - to Market Studies, Business Plans, Site-Selection, Regulatory Compliance, even Operations Partners.

And since its a network of independent professionals instead of a staff, you don't have to pay for services you don't need. But they're there, as part of our hand-selected team, ready to serve if you need them.

Comprehensive Community Design

You've probably noticed that my other specialty is Private Home Design, and you may be thinking "that's a strange combination." But there's really a synergy between these two specialties.

Many of my Private Homes clients want this to be their final home. They are interested in features that will allow them to Age in Place, but they are more excited about having a home that supports the way they want to live and embodies a lifetime of dreams. My experience designing Senior Communities gives me great insight into the features they may eventually need. And when they share their desires and dreams with me, I learn how to design more desirable Senior Communities!

And if you're looking to develop a Senior Community that includes Private Homes and facilities for supported living, I can design all of that!

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