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Private Homes

Preserve Homes

The Preserve in Hoover is a Traditional Neighborhood Development designed to feel like a small town from the turn-of-the-century. A highly restrictive Design Guideline and active Design Review Board help maintain the neighborhood's desirable character. 35 of the premium homes were designed by Tim Barron, Architect, Inc. ranging from single-story Bungalows to expansive Estates, including several of the most iconic homes in the Preserve.

Tim's homes are known for large, beautiful porches, elegant detailing, and open, modern interiors. Each home is unique - no two are exactly alike - whether custom designed for a specific client or as a speculative home for sale.

Old World Charm, Modern Living

This mountaintop home combines the best of Old World design with features to enhance modern living.

The clients wanted this to be a "Forever Home" so everything they NEED to live is on the main floor with perfectly level entry from the Garage, but some of the desired features are on the upper floor to keep them active. The stairs that connect the floors are turned to prevent a long fall, and the landing features a display shelf to entertain in case resting is necessary. A second main-level suite means guests don't have to climb stairs, either.

The heart of the home is a 2-story Living Space that organizes the home's interior and dapples it with daylight. The Kitchen features a large, open gathering  island and state-of-the-art appliances. A Study at the top of the Living Space gives panoramic views of the surrounding valleys.

Simple, Elegant Farmhouse

This Farmhouse looks simple from outside, but it hides an amazing interior!

The client's main desire was for people to drive by their new home and ask themselves "How did we miss seeing that home all those years?" Tim married the home to the land so seamlessly, it appears to have always been there. A large, wraparound porch makes outdoor living effortless, while the 2-story Living Room and upstairs Loft make the inside feel huge!

The low-maintenance exterior contributes to the easy living, allowing the owners to ENJOY their home year-round.

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