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Senior Design

Lakeshore Senior Living

Lakeshore Senior Living started with a special piece of property and a client who wanted to create a world-class senior community in their hometown.

Sited on a hillside overlooking Lake Guntersville, this community proves that an exceptional quality of life can be provided in a medium-sized senior community.

Lakeshore opened in early '23 with 36 Assisted Living plus 32 Memory Care beds. The facility is loaded with amenities usually found in much larger communities. The exterior design honors the architectural treasures of Lake Guntersville while securing Lakeshore's place among them. The interior was inspired by Blue Zone concepts that encourage healthy living while delighting the senses. Altogether, the design team created a beautiful place where seniors can thrive!

Proveer at Grande View

Some of the best values in Senior Communities are older facilities that have closed. The challenge is to overcome the problems that led to closure and create a new, successful image for the community.

This facility was built as an 84-bed Assisted Living Facility in '98 and functioned well for a while, but it had fallen on hard times and for 7 years prior to this project, was abandoned except for a band of addicts and vandals. Proveer Senior Living acquired the building in '21 to restore it, but what it needed was a complete transformation that would shed the bad reputation it had received during its bad years.

The new facility opened in '22 as a 51-bed ALF plus a 36-bed Memory Care facility, with a completely new appearance and new amenities inside and out. 

The transformation was profound, and the facility filled quickly with happy residents!

St. Martin's in the Pines
​St. Martin's is one of the oldest Senior Communities in Birmingham, owned and operated by the Episcopal Foundation of Jefferson County. When it came time to increase the capacity of its Memory Care facility, the best solution was to re-purpose some older Nursing Home rooms. The challenge was to connect them to the current MC wing; the 2 wings were at slightly different elevations, and met at an awkward angle.

Tim was able to come up with an imaginative way to join the wings, while increasing the Dining and Activity spaces to accommodate the added rooms. Throw in some elegant spaces and a creative approach to medications (a nostalgic Pharmacy counter) and the Memory Care facility is one of the nicest places on campus!

River Highlands

We have found that sometimes renovation is not enough to get a Senior Community back online - it takes Re-Positioning.

River Highlands started life as a large Assisted Living Facility in a prominent suburb, but fell into neglect. In '15 a new owner bought it out of foreclosure with plans to convert one wing to Memory Care while keeping the same number of Assisted Living units, while restoring the community to its original grandeur. But in order to compete with newer facilities, a more comprehensive approach was needed.

While little could be done with the low ceilings in the existing Lobby, Tim was able to re-direct the eye to a new 2-story gathering space he added in the existing Courtyard; then he added a new fountain to bring new life to the previously austere Courtyard. Interior spaces were rearranged to maximize resident units and amenities, and updated with new finishes and LED lighting. Strategic material changes transformed the exterior so much some believed the old building had been demolished and a new one built in its place. Mission accomplished!

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