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Proveer at Grand View


Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Site & Building Engineering


December 2022

Some of the best values in Senior Communities are older facilities that have closed. The challenge is to overcome the problems that led to closure and create a new, successful image for the community.

This facility was built as an 84-bed Assisted Living Facility in '98 and functioned well for a while, but it had fallen on hard times and for 7 years prior to this project, was abandoned except for a band of addicts and vandals. Proveer Senior Living acquired the building in '21 to restore it, but what it needed was a complete transformation that would shed the bad reputation it had received during its bad years.

The new facility opened in '22 as a 51-bed ALF plus a 36-bed Memory Care facility, with a completely new appearance and new amenities inside and out. 

The transformation was profound, and the facility filled quickly with happy residents!

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