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River Highlands


Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Site & Building Engineering



River Highlands started life as a large Assisted Living Facility in a prominent suburb, but fell into neglect. In '15 a new owner bought it out of foreclosure with plans to convert one wing to Memory Care while keeping the same number of Assisted Living units, while restoring the community to its original grandeur. But in order to compete with newer facilities, a more comprehensive approach was needed.

While little could be done with the low ceilings in the existing Lobby, Tim was able to re-direct the eye to a new 2-story gathering space he added in the existing Courtyard; then he added a new fountain to bring new life to the previously austere Courtyard. Interior spaces were rearranged to maximize resident units and amenities, and updated with new finishes and LED lighting. Strategic material changes transformed the exterior so much some believed the old building had been demolished and a new one built in its place. Mission accomplished!

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