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Lakeshore Senior Living

Project type

Senior Community


January 2023


Guntersville, Alabama

Lakeshore Senior Living started with a special piece of property and clients who wanted to provide high-quality lifestyle and create a world-class senior community in their hometown. Sited on a hillside overlooking beautiful Lake Guntersville, this facility proves that an exceptional quality of life can be provided in a medium-sized community. Inspired by Blue Zone concepts, the design team-led by Tim Barron, Architect-created a beautiful place where seniors can thrive!
Lakeshore's first impression is it's Portico - a signature architectural element that welcomes you and sets high expectations for what you'll find inside.
The design team recognized that Food Experience has the highest correlation with resident satisfaction, and focused on FRESH, SERVICE, and CHOICE. These strategies have been shown to improve resident and employee satisfaction and reduce service disruption, and they provide the additional benefit of market advantage. Imagine showing THIS Dining Room to prospective residents!

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